Eyes on the Prize

Happy August! This month's IWSG question asks: What pitfalls would you advise other writers to avoid on their publication journey? Whoa, hold on. Law of Attraction, baby! When you focus on pitfalls, you focus on failure. But Grehan, you shout, danger abounds! Especially in publishing! Then why take advice from fools* like me? Seek out quality … Continue reading Eyes on the Prize

Ultimate Writing Goal

Welcome to July! This month's IWSG question asks: what are your ultimate writing goals, and how have they changed over time? My ultimate goal is to write a DGB. The goal has not changed over time, but my methods have changed powerfully. Thank you to July's IWSG co-hosts: Nicki Elson,  Juneta Key,  Tamara Narayan, and … Continue reading Ultimate Writing Goal

Titles and Character Names and the IWSG

Grehan here. I'm proud of myself. Three consecutive months I've shown up for IWSG blog hop. June's prompt goes something like this: What's harder to come up with: story titles, or character names? This'll be quick. I don’t sweat over this stuff. These aren't dogs we're talking about. Stories don't have to come when they're called. The title … Continue reading Titles and Character Names and the IWSG

Spring Inspiration and the IWSG

Welcome to May! Not coincidentally, this month's IWSG prompt is about Spring. The IWSG asks: Does Spring inspire you to write more than other seasons? My answer is no.  I'm a writer. It's my job. And not a seasonal job. Hey, if I waited for inspiration to strike, I wouldn't jot so much as a … Continue reading Spring Inspiration and the IWSG

A-to-Z Challenge: Z is for Puzzle

CV Grehan here.  My X and Y posts are still simmering on the stove. I put them aside to focus on the Challenge's Grand Finale Day. Z-Day! Entering this month, I had planned to write more and doodle less but, five days into the challenge, a bolt shot out of the sky. Despite the plot … Continue reading A-to-Z Challenge: Z is for Puzzle