Big December Announcement (and #IWSG hopping!)

Announcement?? Why yes, in a minute …

It’s the first Wednesday of the month, the day when insecure writers (which is to say, all of us) proudly step to the mic and shout, “I’m a writer! And I’m insecure about it!”

Is this thing on?

Every month, the Insecure Writers Support Group asks a question. Here’s December’s: what five objects would we find in your writing space? I could list hundreds, but I’ll look directly ahead, at the shelf from where my computer’s monitor stares at me with resigned disdain.

Grehan’s objets d’art.

The dragon is for luck, and protection of course. The Tullamore Dew is self-explanatory. The Beast Mode patch was a gift from my Sig-O. The grenade was a gift from my dad. The Dilbert cartoon was a gift from a co-worker, back in the days when I had co-workers. The cartoon story goes: I had made a confession to my programming buddy, Ed, who lived in the cubicle next to me at Grunt Co., Inc. I had confessed that I was writing a novel. My first, but it was going to be big. A few days later, the Dilbert cartoon appeared, push-pinned to my cubicle wall, underneath my nameplate.

The cartoon is dated Wednesday, March 11th. I’ve looked back and the year would have been–I’m embarassed to admit–1998. I did finish the novel and it was big. And messy. And now filed under ‘practice.’

In 1998 Y2K was looming. A boom time for programmers with my particular skills. I kept my day job and didn’t indulge my fiction-writing addiction for another 10 years.

And now, here we are.

Ed and I are still friends. In fact, he’s throwing a Christmas party in 10 days. Maybe I’ll show him the cartoon. Will he remember it?

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And now …

If you’ve looked to my left sidebar, you’ll notice I’ve got a short story appearing soon on Amazon. A novelette, really. Is it only the sci-fi genre which uses that term? Did I mention the story is sci-fi?

Grehan, what’s it about?

Overnight, users of the popular social networking site, Know-Me, acquire a duplicate, but dissimilar, identity. Though he claims to be shocked by the doubles’ debut, Know-Me’s CEO, Jason Vrabek, has impressed even himself with this latest testament to his genius. He swears his company has not launched a massive social experiment, something Know-Me has been accused of in the past. While experts investigate the phenomenon, the doubles engage with their counterparts, and Vrabek collects the data.

Alice Merkanowsky, an ordinary office worker, is enthralled with her duplicate self, the glamorous wife of a celebrity chef. Her thrill soon turns into an obsession which strains her marriage, and threatens her grip on reality.

Alice isn’t the only Know-Me casualty. Hoax, or not, the phenomenon triggers consequences that are frighteningly real, even for Vrabek who soon finds himself outmatched by his own genius double.

Look for KNOW ME on Amazon next week!

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Cartoon is by Scott Adams.

All other images on this page are by CV Grehan. I track images on this site in my image index.

Eyes on the Prize

Happy August!

This month’s IWSG question asks: What pitfalls would you advise other writers to avoid on their publication journey?

Whoa, hold on.

Law of Attraction, baby!

When you focus on pitfalls, you focus on failure.

But Grehan, you shout, danger abounds! Especially in publishing!

Then why take advice from fools* like me? Seek out quality advice. Find a professional compilation like Writer Beware from the SFWA, And follow the blogs of publishing pros.

Hey, how about a doodle? That, I can offer.


Law of Attraction: Keep your eyes on the prize.

*The Fool is my alter ego. You’ll see The Fool featured a lot on my blog.

Thank you to July’s IWSG co-hosts:

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About the image



Titles and Character Names and the IWSG

The Fool answers to any name.

Grehan here. I’m proud of myself. Three consecutive months I’ve shown up for IWSG blog hop. June’s prompt goes something like this:

What’s harder to come up with: story titles, or character names?

This’ll be quick.

I don’t sweat over this stuff.

These aren’t dogs we’re talking about. Stories don’t have to come when they’re called. The title is a digital placeholder, a pointer that directs you to the genius tale you’re focused on creating.

Characters? Unless you’re writing biography, character names are meaningful only to you. I’ll bet my cap feathers nobody ever read the final page of a novel, and then sighed and said, “What great names.”

On the final edit, and the really final edit, and the edit that might genuinely be the last final edit, I’m still open to suggestion. If you’re planning to involve other people in your publishing journey, don’t grow attached.

Pitch, premise, synopsis, and story. Those are your bread and butter.


Character names and titles. Forget about em.

The IWSG’s co-hosts this month are Beverly Stowe McClure, Tyrean Martinson, and Ellen @ The Cynical Sailor!


Curious about the image on this page?

A-to-Z Theme Reveal

My depiction of Algo, from my Sci-Fi short story, KNOW ME. Background image is by artist 4774344sean at canstockphoto. Dog and shadow by CV Grehan.2018 marks the 9th annual A-to-Z Blog Challenge, and my 1st year of participation. Having deployed a freshly minted website, I was excited to learn of this April event. Talk about auspicious timing! The Challenge provides an excuse to tinker and, better yet, to meander around the internet community. Hence my website’s avatar, The Fool. (Provided for your convenience in this post.)

csp6440045 uploaded by Xochicalco on canstock paid image
The Fool

I connected with The Fool on first sight. The sun. The dog. The sack on a stick. Am I coming or going? Doesn’t matter. I’m carrying a modicum of supplies. Tools, or words, or perhaps Milk-Bones. (I’ve noticed the sack is lumpy.) My dog is game for the journey. He’s willing to follow me off a metaphoric cliff. Wherever we land, we’ll be together. And we’ll have a tan.

But, forget The Fool for now. This post is about my A-to-Z theme.

Several writing projects are demanding my time, which is often the case. I know it will be impossible to write and edit 26 coherent, useful, riveting blog posts within the space of a month. However, I like to doodle and tinker while reflecting on my works-in-progress. Take, as a sneak peek, this post’s featured image. It’s a mash-up of a canstock jpeg and a dog silhouette which I picasso’d in Photoshop. (I’m especially proud of the shadow.) My April posts will feature similar mash-ups. Officially, the theme is:

Mock book covers, doodles and assorted procrastinations.
Vaguely, a writing motif.

Coherent, useful, riveting? I can’t promise my A-to-Z content will boast any of those favorables. What I do promise is you’ll invest only a smidgen of time in the viewing and, by doing so, I’ll find your site, if I haven’t already.

May our hovercrafts rendezvous in the Blogiverse.


More about the digital dog image.