Solar Reports for June and July

September's IWSG question goes like this: What publishing path are you on, and why?  The question would require a complex and revealing answer so I'm doing the cowardly thing and dodging it. As a substitute, I'm flaunting my solar stats for the months of June and July. Back in May, I used the IWSG stroll to … Continue reading Solar Reports for June and July

Solar Report for May

Greetings from the Northern Hemisphere where it's Summertime, and the wattage is fine. Have I mentioned, the Grehan stronghold is powered by the Sun? But of course! Last May I kicked off this website's monthly solar report feature.  Here's the inaugural post. This month, I'll provide a tiny bit of spec about our solar setup. The term PV … Continue reading Solar Report for May

Spring Inspiration and the IWSG

Welcome to May! Not coincidentally, this month's IWSG prompt is about Spring. The IWSG asks: Does Spring inspire you to write more than other seasons? My answer is no.  I'm a writer. It's my job. And not a seasonal job. Hey, if I waited for inspiration to strike, I wouldn't jot so much as a … Continue reading Spring Inspiration and the IWSG