A-to-Z Challenge: Y is for YouTube and Photoshop

Grehan here. Better late than later, has been my Spring motto.Digital Artist with a cherry on top. A Photoshop mashup for April's A-to-Z post celebrating YouTube tutorials.

This post celebrates the greatest invention of the 20th Century.


Formal education is so old school. With YouTube, an X-acto knife, and a bottle of Jameson, we can now perform our own appendectomies. Is this a great time to be alive, or what. In addition to dash cam videos and Carpool Karaokes, I’ve amassed an impressive viewing history of Photoshop tutorials. To show my appreciation to the contributors (and because I needed a Y-post) I’m showcasing several tutorials which I found useful during April’s challenge.

I use Photoshop Elements 15 which is the hobbyist’s version of Adobe’s graphics editor. I’ve learned to ignore demonstrations which use the professional version. Invariably, a feature is employed which is not available in Elements.

Five Photoshop Tutorials for impatient, wannabe digital artists, like yours truly.

#1. With a magic eraser I’m a force to be reckoned with. I learned a lot about removing backgrounds in this tutorial. Best new tip: straight-line erasing. A game changer.

#2. I consulted this video when creating the wrinkled effect for the image in my Quiz post. Little did Darlenescraps realize that her “spiffy little trick,” recorded 9 years ago, would find its way into my blog.

#3. Perspective control. Gets the job done. Fast forward to the meaty bits.

#4. I referred to this tutorial to get the raised effect on my Interrobang Mystery cover. Coffee up and FF through the narrator’s tranquilizing voice.

#5. Here’s an offering by InfoPuppet. My kind of human. One of these days I’ll have a reason to post my head in a snow globe, and then, won’t this video come in handy.

Bonus WordPress tutorial. The instructor, Kori Ashton, demonstrates how to create anchor tags and anchor links. Kori posts weekly WordPress how-to’s. I like her no-nonsense style. I’ll be tuning in for more.

Coming soon, an X-post and my A-to-Z Reflections.

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A-to-Z Challenge: W is for Winding Road

The Fool. csp6440045 artist by Xochicalco on canstock paid image
The Fool

Grehan here.

My alter ego, The Fool, pictured on the right, has taken to the road for today’s challenge letter. If you’re thinking I took an easy path, by drawing another doodle, I’ll have you know I was at the task for most of the afternoon. I’m calling the result a mock memoir title. I haven’t decided what nonsense should be visible through the rear van window. Any ideas?

Now, off to read your excellent posts …

The Doodle:

Fool Power! The Fool avatar and The Dog make cameo appearances in a doodle drawn by CV Grehan for the 2018 A-to-Z Challenge. Deconstructed Fool from canstock image csp440045 by artist Xochicalco.

A-to-Z Challenge: T is for Traveling Haiku

Day 20 of the A-to-Z finds the Fool on a trek to an exotic locale.

To celebrate the journey — and all journeys, really — I’ve composed a haiku:

May the skies be friend-

-ly, and the flight attendants

swift with potent drinks.

See you Tuesday, Blog Follower(s)…

Haiku Humor. Writing Humor. Travelling humor. Traveling Fool on Air Interrobang in a photoshop mashup. How do you like my haiku? Deconstructed Fool from canstock image csp440045 by artist Xochicalco. Plane illustration is csp3483460 by artist realrocking. Rainbow background is csp4542256 by artist basel101658.
Oklahoma, here we come!

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Wish to book a flight with Air Interrobang?







A-to-Z Challenge: Q is for Quiz

Been dull around here the last couple days. Not much to read, not much to view. Let’s liven it up with a quiz.


It’s easy.

Besides, I don’t judge. Five stars, one star, who cares? (I know you jilted that one-star reviewer and clearly they deserved it!)

Now, for the ungraded quiz.

The illustration below depicts six different genres of fiction. Can you guess which is which? (Hint: they’re kinda obvious.)

  1. _________
  2. _________
  3. _________
  4. _________
  5. _________
  6. _________

Writing humor. Genre quiz. A photoshop mashup that celebrates some favorite genre tropes. Genre Love! See the web post for component parts.


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A-to-Z Challenge: E is for Epigraph

I’m something of an expert on procrastination. I recognize the vice in all of its forms. Consider this: a writer dallies on Brainy Quote, or binge-listens to Blue Öyster Cult. The technical term is goofing off on the job. To assuage the accompanying guilt, they insert the fruits of their time-wasting into the work-in-progress. The technical term for this is epigraph.

Two great assumptions have been made. First, that the reader has similar time to waste. Second, that the reader will not have to hire a Navajo code talker to decipher the connection between the quote and the actual story they showed up for.

Call me a lowbrow. You wouldn’t be the first but, come on, Career of Evil isn’t exactly high literature.* Not that I didn’t enjoy the Cormoran Strike novels. Not that I won’t soon Netflix the series. (Considering the success of JKR’s previous body of work, you’d figure Blue Öyster Cult backstage passes would be easier to score.)

Imagine if epigraphs became an industry requirement. Suddenly, publishing’s gatekeepers couldn’t spare a glance for any manuscript naked of chapter preambles. This would force many of us to comb through our procrastination cache for material.  Just as a mental exercise, I examined my YouTube history: Dr. Phil. Bad Dachsund. Australians Tasting American Sweets. Lucky for me, we’ve already established that epigraphs don’t have to make sense. At least mine will be entertaining. (Those Australians!)

Why do you take me seriously? I’m the Fool! I don’t mind epigraphs. They are tiny thoughtful gifts from the writer to their reader. A bonus. A long pour. The cherry on top.

To those writers who took the extra time, I thank you.

For those writers in more of a hurry, I’ve located a tool. Here’s the ad for it. A prescription might be required:

Epigraph tool. Writing humor. A photoshop image created by CV Grehan.


*High literature: the lowbrow term for any fiction that isn’t fun.**


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