A-to-Z Challenge: S is for Sock

April, you have (nearly) defeated me. It has come to this.

I apologize to Leonard Nimoy.

I apologize to hosiery.

I apologize to those of you careless enough to scroll further.

Turn back, I’m begging.


A mock memoir title …


Writing humor. Mock Spock memoir. Apology to Leonard.

You were warned.


No socks were harmed in the making of this post. 

I’ll wear the thing. I’m not proud.



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A-to-Z Challenge: P is for Wild ImPagination

Page numbers. A simple but necessary prop for every masterpiece of literature.

And the stuff the rest of us write.

Sloppy pagination, or the complete lack of, will sorely peeve your critique partners, or requesting agents, or harried editors.

As to that, I offer another minimal mock memoir title.

Writing, editing, humor. Pagination. Agents. A mock memoir title by CV Grehan. I wrote on the edge of a stack of paper. Took a picture on my cell phone and called it good.


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A-to-Z Challenge: O is for TypO

CV Grehan gettin’ minimal here.

I’m present, with pencils, just like high school–back when school buses were powered by oxen.

(Time permitting, here’s where I’d insert a team of oxen with a photoshopped bus number on their flanks, and a stop sign that flips out. What a chuckle we’d all have.)


Mock memoir title.Writing, editing humor. Text and dog art by CV Grehan. Blank yellow pencils by canstock photographer Leaf, csp0009019.


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A-to-Z Challenge: K is for … ?

oKay, Here’s a post of anything.

This Fool was absent for a few days. Life happened. I apologize for the lull.

I had not yet prepared for K, but I do have material from the previous days which I was unable to post.

Today’s offering is a mock memoir title.

I have a lot of catching up to do … commencing.

Writing humor, a mock memoir title. Text and freehand drawing (how about that hanger!) by CV Grehan.


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A-to-Z Challenge: A is for Air Interrobang ?!

csp6440045 uploaded by Xochicalco on canstock paid image
The Fool

Welcome to the first day of the A-to-Z Blog Challenge.

April Fool’s Day.

My day.

Today I offer a mock book cover inspired by the punctuation mark eschewed by my QWERTY keyboard:

The Interrobang

Writing humor. Mock cozy mystery cover. An Air Interrobang Mystery. I would read this! (No, I wouldn’t.)
An Interrobang Mystery

Like peanut butter and chocolate, the ! and the ? make a delicious team in the in the right circumstances. (In the case of peanut butter and chocolate, the circumstances are always right.)

But today, the spotlight shines on the air interrobang. The mock book cover I created gives a nod to the cozy mystery genre. Not to mention, my amusement whenever air quotes are deployed during conversation. The ol’ scare quotes. Quibble marks. Smart-alecky bunny ears.

Judgment, be gone, I say. Give me rhetorical flabbergastery. The new hook-n-dot-n-slash-n-dot. Who’s the first to raise their hand?!

I once used the term ‘air interrobang’ to a friend, and they said, “What airline is that?” Because this is the first day of the A-to-Z Challenge, I created an additional procrastination to accompany that anecdote. You can find it on my fledgling Pinterest page. Ah heck, I’ll include the image below and save you a step.

So concludes my A-Day. I’m ashamed to admit how long it took to create this post. Not every A-to-Z will be a mock book cover but a few more are on the menu.

Fly the frightening skies. Would you travel Air Interrobang? (I think I might have.) The image is a mashup, meaning I photoshopped components, added a thought bubble, a storm scene, a screw. Go to the site for specifics.
The Air Interrobang Cockpit

Thanks for checking out my page!

The Fool is heading out to check on yours!

More about the book cover image.

More about the cockpit image.