A-to-Z Challenge: O is for TypO

CV Grehan gettin' minimal here. I'm present, with pencils, just like high school--back when school buses were powered by oxen. (Time permitting, here's where I'd insert a team of oxen with a photoshopped bus number on their flanks, and a stop sign that flips out. What a chuckle we'd all have.) Minimal. Mock memoir title. … Continue reading A-to-Z Challenge: O is for TypO

A-to-Z Challenge: C is for Conference Feng Shui

Welcome to my submission for Day 3 of the A-to-Z Blog Challenge. Today's offering is one of my Photoshop Procrastination Mashups. A Mock Workshop. Please don't for a minute believe this is real, and careen from ballroom to ballroom at your next conference in search of this (much needed) master class. The idea was inspired … Continue reading A-to-Z Challenge: C is for Conference Feng Shui

A-to-Z Theme Reveal

2018 marks the 9th annual A-to-Z Blog Challenge, and my 1st year of participation. Having deployed a freshly minted website, I was excited to learn of this April event. Talk about auspicious timing! The Challenge provides an excuse to tinker and, better yet, to meander around the internet community. Hence my website’s avatar, The Fool. … Continue reading A-to-Z Theme Reveal