Spring Inspiration and the IWSG

Welcome to May!

Not coincidentally, this month’s IWSG prompt is about Spring.

The IWSG asks: Does Spring inspire you to write more than other seasons?

My answer is no. 

I’m a writer. It’s my job. And not a seasonal job. Hey, if I waited for inspiration to strike, I wouldn’t jot so much as a store note. Imagine calling the plumber and they say, “Sorry about your rusty pipes, but I’m not feeling the muse.”

Spring. Summer. Fall. Winter. I show up. Writing happens.

That’s not to say that Spring isn’t a special time of year. I live in the northeastern US. In these parts, we claw out of Winter like Uma escaping the grave.

Uma Thurman in Kill Bill
Uma Thurman in Kill Bill.

My writing habit won’t change with the arrival of Spring, but–but–I will generate more. More energy.

You see, the Grehans are friendly with the sun.

That’s right, we’re solar.

In the spirit of the IWSG prompt, my solar panels have found their muse and, man, they are churning out the juice. In Springtime, the sun climbs higher and the days begin to stretch. These are happy times for those of us who dwell beneath the bright blue tiles.

In my part of the US, solar is still rare, though I’m lately seeing more shiny roofs. Because I’m often asked about my experience with solar power, I’ll use the IWSG prompt to launch a solar report feature.

Solar Fool! The Fool avatar and The Dog stroll on top of solar panels. I created this photoshop mashup for the May 2018 IWSG post. Fool components are by artist Xochicalco on canstockphoto, csp6440045
Fool on the Roof

Our panels were installed in 2016 to take advantage of a federal tax incentive, called the Investment Tax Credit, that was due to expire at the end of that year.* The ITC allowed taxpayers to deduct thirty-percent of their installation costs, with no cap. That was a decent incentive.

Beginning today and until I lose interest, I’ll post sporadic regular updates about our energy production.  To make sense of the stats, it might help to know that The Grehans enjoy living small. We occupy a meager 1200 sq ft. We own one television, no cable, dish or fios, so most of the time the TV is dark. On the other hand, we’re tech heads so computers abound, as well as other smart toys. Even though we love gadgets we’re not big consumers of anything (save whiskey) and our solar is sized accordingly.

In other words, your results may vary.

Solar generation, 2018 April

I’m saving trees, baby! Except for the ten I chopped down cause they gave too much shade — just kidding! Am I?

Thank you to May’s IWSG co-hosts:

E.M.A. Timar,  J. Q. Rose

C.Lee McKenzie,  Raimey Gallant!

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*According to Solar Power Rocks, the ITC was extended in some fashion. Do more research if this is something you’re interested in, because I gave it only a cursory search.

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A-to-Z Challenge: D is for Dogged

I’m four days deep into the annual A-to-Z.


For the first time, I’m participating in the monthly Insecure Writers’ Support Group blog hop.

The IWSG provided a prompt for this month’s post. Here it is:

When your writing life is a bit cloudy or filled with rain, what do you do to dig down and keep on writing?

Rain? Clouds? Hellooo Doubt.

Doubt and I are well acquainted. He’s the loudmouth who dominates the party in my head. I’ve tried dis-inviting him but he shows up anyway, sometimes with a six pack and a bag of Doritos. We hang out, enjoy each other’s company, time goes by then I realize I forgot something critical, something I had to do, you know, write.

He’ll tell me, “Grehan, why bother? The writing’s gonna stink.”

I accept as fact that Doubt’s never wrong so I’m better not to hear him. I send him off on a task. Let him advise the people on the page. I’ve noticed they tend to have too few cares.

Okay, that’s all bunk.

I can’t fool you into believing this mental game works for me, or any other writer.

Here’s the thing. You can’t get rid of this guy. You can’t sidetrack him. Doubt’s a multi-tasker. He’d make a great employee if he applied himself to something useful but don’t wait for that to happen. Here’s my real advice: look to your dog. If you don’t have a dog, look to your friend’s dog, your neighbor’s dog, a dog on YouTube.

When your writing life is a bit cloudy or filled with rain, what do you do to dig down and keep on writing?

Don’t you love when the answer is in the question?

You dig, that’s what you do. Head down, nose to the ground. You might not surface with the bone you’d set your snout on, but I guarantee your effort will be rewarded.

Be the Dog.

Moon Dog: Artist unknown but much appreciated.


IWSG’s co-hosts this month are Olga Godim, Chemist Ken, Renee Scattergood, and Tamara Narayan!


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