Titles and Character Names and the IWSG

Grehan here. I'm proud of myself. Three consecutive months I've shown up for IWSG blog hop. June's prompt goes something like this: What's harder to come up with: story titles, or character names? This'll be quick. I don’t sweat over this stuff. These aren't dogs we're talking about. Stories don't have to come when they're called. The title … Continue reading Titles and Character Names and the IWSG

A-to-Z Challenge: P is for Wild ImPagination

Page numbers. A simple but necessary prop for every masterpiece of literature. And the stuff the rest of us write. Sloppy pagination, or the complete lack of, will sorely peeve your critique partners, or requesting agents, or harried editors. As to that, I offer another minimal mock memoir title.   Curious about the image?

A-to-Z Challenge: O is for TypO

CV Grehan gettin' minimal here. I'm present, with pencils, just like high school--back when school buses were powered by oxen. (Time permitting, here's where I'd insert a team of oxen with a photoshopped bus number on their flanks, and a stop sign that flips out. What a chuckle we'd all have.) Minimal. Mock memoir title. … Continue reading A-to-Z Challenge: O is for TypO