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If you like an image on my site, feel free to tweet, pin or repost, but please refer back to my site. My images are often a mashup of several parts, some which might be licensed. CanStockPhoto is my go-to site for licensing the images I use in my mash-ups. Search for the post date on this page to see the breakdown of individual parts.

The Fool image is my social media avatar. It shows up often on my site. I licensed the image at canstockphoto, csp6440045, artist Xochicalco.

The Flying Pigs appear on my Twitter and Google banners, cropped by me to assorted dimensions. canstockphoto, csp10115511 by artist albund

The News Dog is a photograph at canstockphoto, csp12290048 by artist, damedeeso. I photoshopped the image to make it look like a b/w illustration.


2020 April 1
Waving from my Watchtower. The typewriter image is a Photoshop mashup by CV Grehan, using Canstock images csp4143804 by artist Babar760, and csp9881185 by artist mcarrel, with embellishments. The KNOW ME cover was photoshopped by CV Grehan (me.)

2019 October 2
The Winding Road The Fool Power doodle is by CV Grehan. The book and leaf photo is cropped version of csp7750250 at CanStock by artist Veneratio. The Fool, CanStock csp6440045, by artist Xochicalco. The KNOW ME cover was photoshopped by CV Grehan (me.)

2019 June 5
Choose One The donut photo is csp42973350 at CanStock by artist Ecummings00. I added the Fool stamp (csp6440045) and text. The KNOW ME cover was photoshopped by CV Grehan (me.)

2019 April 3
Wishful Writing The computer/candle/writer graphic is csp6343660 at CanStock by artist alexcoolok. Hourglass illustration is a doodle by CV Grehan. The KNOW ME cover was photoshopped by CV Grehan.

2019 February 6
The Practice of Imperfection The Big Magic thumbnail is the cover of Elizabeth Gilbert’s book. The Permission Slip is a photoshop mashup that includes my favorite, The Fool, csp6440045, artist Xochicalco, and hamster image, csp36582148, artist adrenalina. The Magic 4-Ball is a photoshop drawing by CV Grehan. The KNOW ME cover was photoshopped by CV Grehan.

2018 November 6
Evolving Creativity and the IWSG A photoshop mashup. Dog illustration is csp28786045 by artist damedeeso. I added my favorite fool and dog with text to the blackboard. In the background you’ll see csp8846524 by dadadu.

2018 September 5
Solar Reports for June and July A doodle by CV Grehan of my fish alter ego enjoying hot times. Also on the page, a screen shot from, and two reports from Enphase Enlighten showing the Grehan’s solar generation for the months of June and July. Finally, the beavers are a snippet from csp21661409 by artist dolimac.

2018 August 1
Law of Attraction A doodle by CV Grehan. Also on the page is a pared down iteration of The Fool, by artist Xochicalco, csp6440045.

2018 July 3
Ultimate Writing Goal A doodle by CV Grehan.

2018 June 5
Guppy Names A doodle by CV Grehan. Also on the page is another iteration of The Fool, by artist Xochicalco, csp6440045. CV Grehan added the color.

2018 May 20
Digital Artist. canstockphoto, csp52758675, artist Sonulkaster created the base illustration of the artist and his easel. I doodled the image on the easel. I also added a maraschino cherry to his hat, and put a laptop in his right hand where there originally was a palette. I drew a frontal interpretation of The Fool and his dog and pasted that onto the laptop’s screen. I had a Twitter bird in my arsenal, source unknown.

2018 May 1
Fool on the Roof. canstockphoto, csp6440045, artist Xochicalco overlaid on a roof pic from a solar brochure. Beaver with Chainsaw is csp15820929 by artist dolimac, undoctored. The film shot is from Kill Bill. Can find this anywhere on the internet. Solar report was cropped out of a monthly report I receive from Enlilghten. More information about Enlighten can be found on the Solar Report page.

2018 April 30
Crossword Puzzle. The crossword puzzle doodle is by CV Grehan. Background image for the puzzle is canstock csp10330456 by artist firewings. The Fool image (taken apart and mashed up with the flowered Z) is canstockphoto, csp6440045, artist Xochicalco. The flowered Z is csp15145169 by artist tr3gi. Jack Russell with leash is by artist damedeeso csp12290012. Signature at the bottom of the post is my own.

2018 April 24
Unplugged. A doodle by CV Grehan.

2018 April 23
Traveling Haiku. Rainbow background is csp4542256 by artist basel101658. Plane illustration is csp3483460 by artist realrocking. CV Grehan added The Fool and The Dog, and the interrobang text.

2018 April 21
Sock. Background is csp33156275 by artist marrakesh. Drawing on sock by CV Grehan. Sock owned by CV Grehan. Science badge was lifted from Amazon. Spiced rum distilled in Delaware. Spock gif origin is unknown. If you google ‘spock petting black cat’ you’ll find plenty.

2018 April 20
Revision. A doodle by CV Grehan.

2018 April 19
Genre Quiz. The mashup of all mashups. Most of the components came from canstockphoto. Woman and child: csp3647306 and csp36470294 by artist CITAlliance. Flying saucer: (I like that this looks like grandma’s china) csp48600348 by iDesign. Scary forest: csp36223519 by surbatovicmilan. Dragon: (nice grin, buddy) csp6367426 by Ancello. Horse: csp210399 by terdonal.  Wings: csp0552891 by tobkatrina. Let’s see, what else–the blood spatter comes from They allow free downloads. The wheat was lifted off the internet.

2018 April 18
Wild ImPagination. I wrote on the edge of a stack of paper. Took a picture on my cell phone and called it good.

2018 April 17
Typos. Text and dog art by CV Grehan. Pasted onto blank yellow pencils provided by photographer Leaf on, csp0009019.

2018 April 16
Da Bait. What’s to say? Doodle is by CV Grehan. Coffee stain is by Peets.

2018 April 14
Mindful Spell-checking. Canstock csp11055995 by artist kikkerdink with added text. All text by CV Grehan.The Wurst of Times. Canstock csp15429674 by artist aoshlick with added text. Winking Wiener. Canstock csp38585041 by artist aoshlick with added text.

2018 April 13
Less than Total Recall. Photoshop text and uninspired effects. The background image came from CG Textures.

2018 April 12
Writer Dearest. Photoshop text and freehand drawing.

2018 April 5
Epi-Graph Auto-Injector. Most of this is just Photoshop text manipulation. The image with the injector was extracted from an Epipen ad.

2018 April 4
Dog Digging on the Moon. This is not one of my images. I found this gif on the Internet. I could stare at it all day. If you google ‘dog digging on moon’ you’ll find a bunch of iterations but none that point to an original source. If you’re the artist, or if you find that person, please contact me so I can give proper credit.

2018 April 3
Conference Feng Shui has a lot going on. Base conference photo is canstockphoto csp6504670 by artist makspogonii, I added the baoding balls from canstock csp32283861 by artist lisur, and the news dog which I’ve used before, canstockphoto, csp12290048 by artist, damedeeso. I Photoshopped assorted foolishness, added figures from the movie Trolls, and a dragon which I had in my arsenal, origin unknown. I stamped The Fool on the podium, canstockphoto, csp6440045, artist Xochicalco. Added text and other photoshopping to complete the nonsense.

2018 April 2
Biohazard, canstockphoto, csp55515415, artist Floss

Fool on yellow, canstockphoto, csp6440045, artist Xochicalco, I made the background transparent then overlaid the image on yellow.

2018 April 1
 Air Interrobang Mystery. The cow photo on the mock book cover is canstockphoto csp35197258 by LakeviewImages. The rest of the image (background, text, photoshop manipulations) were done by me.

The Interrobang Cockpit image is a mashup of several images. The illustrated pilots/cockpit are canstockphoto csp32064796, by studiostoks. I underlaid the cockpit view with a storm scene, csp16286651 by lg0rZh, I photoshopped the thought bubble and interrobang text, and the screw on the clipboard (sourced from a hardware catalog.)

2018 March 25
Dog in Door image is a mashup. The background image is a composite from canstockphoto, csp21834417 by 4774244sean. I hand-drew the dog and shadow using photoshop