Spring Inspiration and the IWSG

Welcome to May!

Not coincidentally, this month’s IWSG prompt is about Spring.

The IWSG asks: Does Spring inspire you to write more than other seasons?

My answer is no. 

I’m a writer. It’s my job. And not a seasonal job. Hey, if I waited for inspiration to strike, I wouldn’t jot so much as a store note. Imagine calling the plumber and they say, “Sorry about your rusty pipes, but I’m not feeling the muse.”

Spring. Summer. Fall. Winter. I show up. Writing happens.

That’s not to say that Spring isn’t a special time of year. I live in the northeastern US. In these parts, we claw out of Winter like Uma escaping the grave.

Uma Thurman in Kill Bill
Uma Thurman in Kill Bill.

My writing habit won’t change with the arrival of Spring, but–but–I will generate more. More energy.

You see, the Grehans are friendly with the sun.

That’s right, we’re solar.

In the spirit of the IWSG prompt, my solar panels have found their muse and, man, they are churning out the juice. In Springtime, the sun climbs higher and the days begin to stretch. These are happy times for those of us who dwell beneath the bright blue tiles.

In my part of the US, solar is still rare, though I’m lately seeing more shiny roofs. Because I’m often asked about my experience with solar power, I’ll use the IWSG prompt to launch a solar report feature.

Solar Fool! The Fool avatar and The Dog stroll on top of solar panels. I created this photoshop mashup for the May 2018 IWSG post. Fool components are by artist Xochicalco on canstockphoto, csp6440045
Fool on the Roof

Our panels were installed in 2016 to take advantage of a federal tax incentive, called the Investment Tax Credit, that was due to expire at the end of that year.* The ITC allowed taxpayers to deduct thirty-percent of their installation costs, with no cap. That was a decent incentive.

Beginning today and until I lose interest, I’ll post sporadic regular updates about our energy production.  To make sense of the stats, it might help to know that The Grehans enjoy living small. We occupy a meager 1200 sq ft. We own one television, no cable, dish or fios, so most of the time the TV is dark. On the other hand, we’re tech heads so computers abound, as well as other smart toys. Even though we love gadgets we’re not big consumers of anything (save whiskey) and our solar is sized accordingly.

In other words, your results may vary.

Solar generation, 2018 April

I’m saving trees, baby! Except for the ten I chopped down cause they gave too much shade — just kidding! Am I?

Thank you to May’s IWSG co-hosts:

E.M.A. Timar,  J. Q. Rose

C.Lee McKenzie,  Raimey Gallant!

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*According to Solar Power Rocks, the ITC was extended in some fashion. Do more research if this is something you’re interested in, because I gave it only a cursory search.

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22 thoughts on “Spring Inspiration and the IWSG

  1. We have solar geysers. It’s rather an expensive investment, but we’re researching how to get some of our other energy guzzlers on solar power too — we have sun all year round in South Africa 😉

    I agree: writing isn’t seasonal work. But some seasons do give more inspiration than others.

    Ronel visiting on Insecure Writer’s Support Group day: Autumn Decisions

  2. We live on a sailboat and have solar as well. It’s kind of a necessity for us when we’re anchored out and don’t have shore power. It’s pretty amazing to think that the sun can create all that power.

    1. I have relatives on the Gulf side of Florida, Madeline. They can’t fathom why I’d visit in July.

  3. Good for you for going solar! I’m still renting, but someday when I own my own home I fully intend to put solar panels on the roof. If there happen to be any tax credits in place at the time, so much the better!

  4. I was the first in my area, JS, so I was hesitant. You know the doubt–if it’s so great why doesn’t everybody have a system? Now, if I ever move, adding solar will be at the top of my to-do list. (Though, I’m too lazy to move.)

  5. Do you write any green fic/ eco fic/ clifi? I’m co-hosting this month, and I wanted to offer some tips to our newer hoppers, just things to help you get the most out of the hop. 🙂 1) If you haven’t already, you may want to make sure your Gravatar is up to date. This is because a lot of the hoppers are on WordPress blogs, and Gravatar is the app for leaving comments there, and it allows people to click on your comment so that it brings them directly to your site so they can return your comment. 2) Another thing some people do is leave a link back to their blog directly in the comment. I do this sometimes: http://www.raimeygallant.com 3) You may also want to check out the #IWSG hashtag around social media, especially Twitter. 🙂 Happy hopping!

    1. Thank you, Raimey. I’ll look into the Gravatar, and up my hopping game. (I write sci-fi.)

  6. I enjoyed your account of how you’ve gone solar and will continue to read your posts because I have solar aspirations too.

    1. Kalpana, I saw your reference to the Fool, the Hanged Man, the Magician. Did you notice my avatar was the Fool? Cheers to sun!

  7. Solar power would work well in a Steampunk or other Punk type world. Gives me ideas. My aunt lived in the country and there were two house built underground and their roofs were solar so you saw this mound of solar windows with a door going into the mound under it. That house always fascinated me. The other was above ground and had panels on the side too which made it look cool. Great post. Thanks for visiting me. Happy IWSG Day!

    1. A lot of solar possibilities in Steampunk, yeah I see that now. How about solar sails? They might not be viable in atmosphere (or even space) but we’re talking fiction, so …

  8. We have a geothermal heat/air conditioner. I like the idea of solar power, but we don’t get as much sun where I live. Or it doesn’t seem like it. We have a lot of wind, though. It’s never a quiet day wind-wise, so I’d love to get those tree-shaped windmills.

    1. Cherie, geothermal was an alternative I hadn’t realized existed. I just googled it and wow, that’s amazing.

      1. I would like to have a windmill too. Just for bragging rights.

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