A-to-Z Challenge: N is for Noodle


Today’s topic is Doodle.

Hey, I am slammed and that is the truth. March went out like a lamb and April came in like this guy:

Another teaching moment for the Fool: thou shalt not participate in the A-to-Z Challenge without months-in-advance preparation. Who suffers? You, my trickle of blog followers. You came for circumspection. You leave with circumvention. A doodle, of all things. And not a good one either.

The inspiration is obvious. The likeness, I won’t admit to. The fin gesture is ambiguous. (It’s a fin. Could mean anything!)

Without further adoodle, I present my N-Post. Let’s call it a mock memoir title, why not.

Doodle. Social media. Humor. Debate or Da Bait. Calling it a mock memoir by CV Grehan.

I’m off to enjoy your thoughtful and well-prepared A-to-Z posts.

The Fool abides.


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A-to-Z Challenge: M is for Mindful Spell-Checking

Copyright © CV Grehan

Greetings friends.

Still haunted by a typo from the past?

Who hasn’t been their they’re there?

Spell-checkers are fallible, and proofreading is tedious.

Believe me, the Fool understands.

This is your lucky day, Blog Visitor, for I have a product to desperately sell you desperately need to …

Cultivate a chi-licious proofreading practice.

Writing and editing humor. Mindful Spell-checking, a mock meditation CD cover by CV Grehan. Background image by canstock artist kikkerdink, csp11055995. Text by CV Grehan.

Due to restrictions imposed by the BBB, the FTC and the ABCDE* I can make no claim that my break-out CD will eradicate a recurring spelling bee nightmare.

*Agency Banning the sale of CD’s which do not Exist



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A-to-Z Challenge: L is for — what is it for, again?

CV Grehan scrambling into the blog, shoes untied, hair uncombed, s’cuse me and so forth.

Another mock memoir cover. Best I can do, presently.

But I’m here and, hey, it’s autographed.

Be sure to check my upcoming M-post for a tool every writer needs.
I’m giddy just thinking about it.

Copyright © CV Grehan


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A-to-Z Challenge: K is for … ?

oKay, Here’s a post of anything.

This Fool was absent for a few days. Life happened. I apologize for the lull.

I had not yet prepared for K, but I do have material from the previous days which I was unable to post.

Today’s offering is a mock memoir title.

I have a lot of catching up to do … commencing.

Writing humor, a mock memoir title. Text and freehand drawing (how about that hanger!) by CV Grehan.


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A-to-Z Challenge: E is for Epigraph

I’m something of an expert on procrastination. I recognize the vice in all of its forms. Consider this: a writer dallies on Brainy Quote, or binge-listens to Blue Öyster Cult. The technical term is goofing off on the job. To assuage the accompanying guilt, they insert the fruits of their time-wasting into the work-in-progress. The technical term for this is epigraph.

Two great assumptions have been made. First, that the reader has similar time to waste. Second, that the reader will not have to hire a Navajo code talker to decipher the connection between the quote and the actual story they showed up for.

Call me a lowbrow. You wouldn’t be the first but, come on, Career of Evil isn’t exactly high literature.* Not that I didn’t enjoy the Cormoran Strike novels. Not that I won’t soon Netflix the series. (Considering the success of JKR’s previous body of work, you’d figure Blue Öyster Cult backstage passes would be easier to score.)

Imagine if epigraphs became an industry requirement. Suddenly, publishing’s gatekeepers couldn’t spare a glance for any manuscript naked of chapter preambles. This would force many of us to comb through our procrastination cache for material.  Just as a mental exercise, I examined my YouTube history: Dr. Phil. Bad Dachsund. Australians Tasting American Sweets. Lucky for me, we’ve already established that epigraphs don’t have to make sense. At least mine will be entertaining. (Those Australians!)

Why do you take me seriously? I’m the Fool! I don’t mind epigraphs. They are tiny thoughtful gifts from the writer to their reader. A bonus. A long pour. The cherry on top.

To those writers who took the extra time, I thank you.

For those writers in more of a hurry, I’ve located a tool. Here’s the ad for it. A prescription might be required:

Epigraph tool. Writing humor. A photoshop image created by CV Grehan.


*High literature: the lowbrow term for any fiction that isn’t fun.**


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