A-to-Z Challenge: Q is for Quiz

Been dull around here the last couple days. Not much to read, not much to view. Let’s liven it up with a quiz.


It’s easy.

Besides, I don’t judge. Five stars, one star, who cares? (I know you jilted that one-star reviewer and clearly they deserved it!)

Now, for the ungraded quiz.

The illustration below depicts six different genres of fiction. Can you guess which is which? (Hint: they’re kinda obvious.)

  1. _________
  2. _________
  3. _________
  4. _________
  5. _________
  6. _________

Writing humor. Genre quiz. A photoshop mashup that celebrates some favorite genre tropes. Genre Love! See the web post for component parts.


Curious about the image?

7 thoughts on “A-to-Z Challenge: Q is for Quiz

  1. Why are only 2, 4, and 5 obvious to me ? What am I missing? Is 3 a shape shifter romance? The horse/boy friend??? “The millionaire sire’s mystery baby.” Is 1 a women’s fiction…”living through [insert personal tragedy] and still having a kid.” And is 6 just someone who’s recently had their eyes dilated and is wearing those chunky glasses? “Life through ultra polarized lenses.” CV help this fool!!!

    1. Why are they not obvious? A one, and a two … “Coulda been the whiskey, mighta been the gin …” You must wait, my Thirsty Friend, until tomorrow when I post the (cough—obvious) answers.
      PS: Cheers!

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