A-to-Z Challenge: N is for Noodle


Today’s topic is Doodle.

Hey, I am slammed and that is the truth. March went out like a lamb and April came in like this guy:

Another teaching moment for the Fool: thou shalt not participate in the A-to-Z Challenge without months-in-advance preparation. Who suffers? You, my trickle of blog followers. You came for circumspection. You leave with circumvention. A doodle, of all things. And not a good one either.

The inspiration is obvious. The likeness, I won’t admit to. The fin gesture is ambiguous. (It’s a fin. Could mean anything!)

Without further adoodle, I present my N-Post. Let’s call it a mock memoir title, why not.

Doodle. Social media. Humor. Debate or Da Bait. Calling it a mock memoir by CV Grehan.

I’m off to enjoy your thoughtful and well-prepared A-to-Z posts.

The Fool abides.


Curious about the image?





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