A-to-Z Challenge: C is for Conference Feng Shui

Welcome to my submission for Day 3 of the A-to-Z Blog Challenge. Today’s offering is one of my Photoshop Procrastination Mashups.

A Mock Workshop.

Please don’t for a minute believe this is real, and careen from ballroom to ballroom at your next conference in search of this (much needed) master class.

The idea was inspired by the handful of writer’s conferences I’ve staggered through over the years. To fledglings, these events can feel intimidating. Not to mention, you spent cold hard cash. Sacrifices were made. You drank budget beer. Postponed a dozen haircuts. You told the little ones at home that Mickey went belly up. There’s a lot riding on a single weekend!

Writers Conference Mock Workshop. Feng Shui. Create Good Luck. Writing humor. Image photoshopped by CV Grehan. Notice The Fool makes a cameo? And Trolls? The image has a lot going on. You’ll find a breakdown of its parts on the site.

I threw the mashup together in a hurry. Feeling a little sheepish now. What am I worried about? 1.3 billion websites, who’s gonna see this?

Tomorrow I’m doing double duty. A-to-Z and the Insecure Writer’s Support Group blog hop.

Curious about the image on this page?


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