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My depiction of Algo, from my Sci-Fi short story, KNOW ME. Background image is by artist 4774344sean at canstockphoto. Dog and shadow by CV Grehan.2018 marks the 9th annual A-to-Z Blog Challenge, and my 1st year of participation. Having deployed a freshly minted website, I was excited to learn of this April event. Talk about auspicious timing! The Challenge provides an excuse to tinker and, better yet, to meander around the internet community. Hence my website’s avatar, The Fool. (Provided for your convenience in this post.)

csp6440045 uploaded by Xochicalco on canstock paid image
The Fool

I connected with The Fool on first sight. The sun. The dog. The sack on a stick. Am I coming or going? Doesn’t matter. I’m carrying a modicum of supplies. Tools, or words, or perhaps Milk-Bones. (I’ve noticed the sack is lumpy.) My dog is game for the journey. He’s willing to follow me off a metaphoric cliff. Wherever we land, we’ll be together. And we’ll have a tan.

But, forget The Fool for now. This post is about my A-to-Z theme.

Several writing projects are demanding my time, which is often the case. I know it will be impossible to write and edit 26 coherent, useful, riveting blog posts within the space of a month. However, I like to doodle and tinker while reflecting on my works-in-progress. Take, as a sneak peek, this post’s featured image. It’s a mash-up of a canstock jpeg and a dog silhouette which I picasso’d in Photoshop. (I’m especially proud of the shadow.) My April posts will feature similar mash-ups. Officially, the theme is:

Mock book covers, doodles and assorted procrastinations.
Vaguely, a writing motif.

Coherent, useful, riveting? I can’t promise my A-to-Z content will boast any of those favorables. What I do promise is you’ll invest only a smidgen of time in the viewing and, by doing so, I’ll find your site, if I haven’t already.

May our hovercrafts rendezvous in the Blogiverse.


More about the digital dog image.

7 thoughts on “A-to-Z Theme Reveal

  1. Hey. Welcome to the challenge.

    Just so you know, it is not impossible. Some people plan it out and write the majority ahead of time and just set their blog’s date and time accordingly. I normally write day of; it’s more fulfilling to do so (for me). I had a couple of hiccups each year I’ve done it (day late=posting two on one day), but I always caught up.

    Do as you see fit. This is for you, and for others to come and find your blog. Enjoy it, and they will.

    Tale Spinning

  2. Welcome to the challange! It is a wonderful experience. Yes, it is demanding, especially towards the middle, but it’s also so rewarding. Lots of fantastic meeting to be made.
    Have a fantastic April!

    The Old Shelter – Theme Reveal – Weimar Germany

    1. Thank you, Jazzfeathers! I hope I can keep track of everything and everyone. I have a notebook ready. I hope your April is fantastic too!

  3. May fortune favour you in April…I would have said good luck, but I’m not certain luck is the write term….must stop word plays…this is serious stuff…mad, but serious…ish. Hopefully we, as first timers, can enter May with the same feelings other commenters here have said!

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