A-to-Z Challenge: A is for Air Interrobang ?!

Welcome to the first day of the A-to-Z Blog Challenge. April Fool's Day. My day. Today I offer a mock book cover inspired by the punctuation mark eschewed by my QWERTY keyboard: The Interrobang Like peanut butter and chocolate, the ! and the ? make a delicious team in the in the right circumstances. (In … Continue reading A-to-Z Challenge: A is for Air Interrobang ?!

A-to-Z Theme Reveal

2018 marks the 9th annual A-to-Z Blog Challenge, and my 1st year of participation. Having deployed a freshly minted website, I was excited to learn of this April event. Talk about auspicious timing! The Challenge provides an excuse to tinker and, better yet, to meander around the internet community. Hence my website’s avatar, The Fool. … Continue reading A-to-Z Theme Reveal