Big December Announcement (and #IWSG hopping!)

Announcement?? Why yes, in a minute ... It's the first Wednesday of the month, the day when insecure writers (which is to say, all of us) proudly step to the mic and shout, "I'm a writer! And I'm insecure about it!" Every month, the Insecure Writers Support Group asks a question. Here's December's: what five … Continue reading Big December Announcement (and #IWSG hopping!)

Evolving Creativity and the IWSG

Greetings in November! This month's IWSG question asks: How has your creativity evolved since you began writing? In my previous career, I was a programmer. I dwelled in a company cubicle Monday through Friday, 40-60 hours/week. And often on weekends because that's when programmers break stuff make system changes. That sort of job, which I … Continue reading Evolving Creativity and the IWSG

Solar Reports for June and July

September's IWSG question goes like this: What publishing path are you on, and why?  The question would require a complex and revealing answer so I'm doing the cowardly thing and dodging it. As a substitute, I'm flaunting my solar stats for the months of June and July. Back in May, I used the IWSG stroll to … Continue reading Solar Reports for June and July

Eyes on the Prize

Happy August! This month's IWSG question asks: What pitfalls would you advise other writers to avoid on their publication journey? Whoa, hold on. Law of Attraction, baby! When you focus on pitfalls, you focus on failure. But Grehan, you shout, danger abounds! Especially in publishing! Then why take advice from fools* like me? Seek out quality … Continue reading Eyes on the Prize

Ultimate Writing Goal

Welcome to July! This month's IWSG question asks: what are your ultimate writing goals, and how have they changed over time? My ultimate goal is to write a DGB. The goal has not changed over time, but my methods have changed powerfully. Thank you to July's IWSG co-hosts: Nicki Elson,  Juneta Key,  Tamara Narayan, and … Continue reading Ultimate Writing Goal